• Regular Pedicure
  • French Pedicure
  • Special Pedicure
    The skin naturally protects it self from repeated pressure and friction by forming calluses.
    - Including callus eliminator or 10 min foot reflexology
  • Ocean Refresh Spa Pedicure
    Enriches with seaweed extract to help nourish, protect, and increase circulation making it vital to maintaining healthy skin.
    Peppermint gives your pedicure a cooling sensation, especially in those dry and hot days.
    - Including 15 min foot reflexology
  • Lavender Spa Pedicure
    A unique therapy is based on the principle that individual relaxation points of the foot correspond to the Body's organs and glands.
    Provides relaxation and restores balance and friction in the body.
    - Including callus eliminator or 20 min foot reflexology
  • Vitamin Spa Pedicure
    This therapeutic treatment soothes and relaxes stressed-out tired feet.
    Your skin will emerge miraculously silky, healthy&smooth. Vitamin & Regeneration Mask.
    - Including callus eliminator or 20 min foot reflexology & 10 min chair massage
  • Olive Spa Pedicure
    Drawing on the wisdom of aroma therapy and natural healing systems, purissima will create and maintain radiant, healthy, glowing and vital skin.
    - Including callus eliminator & 20 min foot reflexology & 20 min chair massage
  • Foot Reflexology
    (10 min.)